Clubhouse(1): Security and Privacy Issues

September 25, 2021

In this Page: Invitation to join the application Who do we follow, and who follows us Who listens to what Weak account protection Texting within the application Recording sessions conversations Fake copies What steps Clubhouse should take to enhance security and privacy? In March 2020, Clubhouse was launched as one of the startup social media […]

Possible Legislative Alternatives.. About the Executive Regulations of the Personal Data Protection Law

August 8, 2021

In July 2020, the Personal Data Protection Law was passed (No. 151 of 2020), a year after its publication, of which most of the rules stipulated are still suspended, for non–issuance of the executive regulations, where the law referred a large number of procedural aspects to the executive regulations, and even referred to the essential […]

NSO isn’t the Only One: Candiru, an Israeli Company Offering Spyware Systems for Oppressive Regimes

July 25, 2021

Throughout the last few days, Arab and international media outlets have run stories of a new leak concerning NSO Group, one of the most well known Israeli companies active in the fields of surveillance and spying. NSO develops Pegasos, one of the most well known tools used by oppressive governments and regimes for spying on […]

The Right to Privacy in Egyptian Laws.. Legislative Obstacles and Unfinished Steps

June 21, 2021

Download PDF Introduction Egypt has passed these recent years through successive legislative developments aiming, largely, to attempt establishing organizational and procedural rules for the technological developments and the use of information technology by individuals and companies. Such legislative developments come under the notion that technological development requires laws that enhance and protect the rights of […]

Privacy and Security Options in Smartphones (Android and iOS)

April 25, 2021

Users rely on smartphone applications daily to accomplish their personal and professional tasks and communicate with others, and users – usually- keep personal files and data on their phones, whether they are pictures and videos or other information and data such as banking information, chats, and web browsing history, in addition to the data collected […]

How to Choose Secure Smartphone Applications?

April 3, 2021

Users have been increasingly depending on smartphone applications to get their daily tasks done. For years, the spread and the scale of the applications have been widening to the point that smartphones are being used more often than desktops. Smartphones are no longer limited to connecting people. With the spread of privacy violation practices by […]

A comparison between privacy and security provided by instant messaging applications

February 24, 2021

People have become increasingly reliant on instant messaging applications in their daily routine, whether for personal or business communication. This makes it crucial to pay attention to the data these applications collect about us. Here is a comparison of the privacy and digital security features offered by some of the most used messaging apps. SMEX […]

Personal Data Protection Law: Does it Really Aim at Bolstering the Right to Privacy?

December 5, 2020

Download a copy in PDF format Contents Introduction Egyptians generally suffer from weak legal protection to their ‘right to privacy’. In connection to this, and as regards the data collected by the government during daily administrative dealings, and the data collected by private companies from their clients, there exist several legislative loopholes that allow for […]

Sandvine … the surveillance octopus in the Arab region

October 24, 2020

Introduction Partnership and business agreements between Arab governments and corporates on the one hand, and foreign companies working in the internet and communication surveillance industry (software/hardware) on the other, is currently witnessing an increase in rate and scale. The aim is to manipulate the flow of information, restrain freedom of expression, and control internet and […]