Psychological Support for Medical Staff initiative and Masaar launch a privacy policy for the website

A group of doctors and psychologists launched an initiative to provide psychological support, in its various forms, for medical staff working on the frontlines in fighting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Egypt.

The voluntary (Psychosocial Support for Medical Staff) initiative provides psychological support to medical personnel through the Internet. This initiative comes in light of difficulties and persistent psychological pressure faced by the crews fighting the novel coronavirus around the world. In this context, (Masaar, Community for Technology and Law) appreciates the efforts made by the initiative’s team to provide a voluntary experience as well as the team’s keenness to uphold the values of solidarity and joint social work.

Masaar believes that the initiative’s interest in protecting the rights of its website users, especially the right to privacy for those who benefit from the initiative’s services, is commendable. In this context, the (Psychological Support for Medical Staff) initiative cooperated with (Masaar) to develop a (Privacy Policy) to enhance transparency between the initiative team and the beneficiaries of the psychological support services.

The (Psychological Support for Medical Staff) initiative and (Masaar) launched the first version of the (Privacy Policy) on the initiative’s website. You can view it from here.You can view it from here.

(Masaar) calls on all websites and companies providing services through the web to prioritise users` rights, especially their right to privacy. In light of the increasing demand for services provided through the Internet during this crisis, the right to privacy becomes more important than ever.