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Freedom of Information and its Impact on the Freedom of the Media and Press

October 2, 2023

This paper aims to delve into the essential interplay between freedom of information and the freedom of the media and press. It examines how these freedoms collectively contribute to safeguarding rights and freedoms, promoting transparency, accountability, and democratic values.

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Crossing the Gender Gap in the Cybersecurity Industry

August 14, 2023

This paper argues that gender diversity in the cybersecurity industry, especially the inclusion of more women in its workforce, is necessary for its development to confront the growing cybersecurity threats effectively. To this end, the paper first discusses the current situation of the cybersecurity industry in light of the wide gender gap in it. It then highlights the importance of gender diversity in the cybersecurity industry and proceeds to discuss ways to address the gender gap in this industry. The paper reviews the role that women play in the cybersecurity industry despite their minimal representation in it. Finally, the paper looks ahead to future trends in gender diversity in the cybersecurity industry.

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Open Government: Empowering Society through Transparency and Participation

August 7, 2023

This paper seeks to provide a detailed definition of the concept of open government and the benefits that can be gained by society, its individuals and its various institutions by its application, the obstacles that prevent this, and the available ways to overcome them. The paper also presents models of pioneering practical initiatives in the field of applying the principle of open government in both the United States and the European Union in order to draw lessons learned from these two experiences. Finally, the paper deals with the Egyptian status quo and the obstacles to achieving the principle of open government in its context.

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Health Technology and Women’s Right to Health Care

July 25, 2023

This paper aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the potential uses of information and communication technologies in delivering better healthcare services for women. It begins by briefly presenting the reasons why many women are deprived of adequate healthcare services. It then provides an overview of how information and communication technologies qualify to play a significant role in improving women’s opportunities to access suitable healthcare services that meet their diverse needs and ensure sufficient quality.

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AI Language Models: Threats and Safeguards

July 17, 2023

This paper provides information about language models and the threats associated with their use as a means of raising awareness about these threats to enable users to be aware of the necessary standards that should be present in the language models they use in order to use them as safely as possible.

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Issues of the Crime of Intentional Disturbance Using Telecommunication Means in Egypt

July 10, 2023

This paper aims to provide an explanation of the offense of “intentional disturbance and harassing through misusing telecommunication devices” by highlighting the legislative evolution of the concept of disturbance, starting from the Egyptian Penal Code and extending to the Cybercrime Law. The paper also discusses the stance of Egyptian courts regarding the offense and their attempts to formulate a definition of the concept of disturbance. Furthermore, the paper seeks to explain the manifestations of criminal behavior according to certain judicial provisions, in addition to clarifying the issues related to the elements of the offense and how they impact the users of telecommunication means.

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Impact of E-marketing Gender Policies on Shaping Gender Expressions on the Internet

June 19, 2023

This paper discussed the relationship of electronic marketing to the gender gap and gender discrimination against women. First, the justifications for the great importance of e-marketing and its great role in shaping the image of the Internet and the experience of its users were presented. Secondly, this paper dealt with gender marketing policies. In particular, it focused on the extent to which these policies relate to traditional gender stereotypes that only recognize two gender identities.

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Legal Tech: Balancing Justice and Challenges

May 30, 2023

This paper examines the importance of legal tech today, its application in different countries, its negative impacts on justice, balancing positive and negative effects, and its impacts on rights and freedoms. The core benefits are more efficient legal processes, enhanced access to justice, better decision-making, improved collaboration, and improved compliance.

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Artificial Intelligence: Balancing Innovation and Human Rights

May 22, 2023

Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly developing technology that is having a profound impact on society. AI is being used in a wide range of applications, from healthcare to transportation to warfare. Companies and governments are already deploying it to help in decision-making that can significantly affect societies and […]

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Deep Fake: A New Weapon Targeting Women

May 15, 2023

This paper attempts to provide a definition of what deepfake is and the technological basis that allowed its development to its current forms and which still presents great opportunities for the further development of this phenomenon. The paper sheds light on the almost exclusive targeting of deepfake technologies in its pornographic aspect of women rather than men. It also exposes the development of the size and nature of targeting in recent years. The paper tries to clarify the extremely dangerous effects of the false content on the life and safety of its victims, with a focus on the psychological effects.

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Data Protection Guide for Companies

May 9, 2023

This guide seeks to clarify the categories addressed by the Personal Data Protection Law and to explain the obligations that are imposed once the law is issued, and the technical responsibilities associated with the executive regulations of the law that have not yet been issued. The guide also deals with the different types of licenses required to carry out data collection, processing, or storage activities, distinguishing between the different types of personal data that require different degrees of protection, as well as the activities excluded from the Personal Data Protection Law.

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Amendments to the Telecommunications Law: New Restrictions on the Use and Operation of Telecommunications Equipment

May 1, 2023

This paper deals with the 2014 proposal to amend the Egyptian Telecommunications Regulatory Law and then moves on to the content of the amendments that have already been approved and entered into force in 2022. These amendments include harsher penalties related to the import or manufacture of telecommunications equipment and the introduction of penalties for new criminalized forms. The paper also deals with the powers of NTRA to grant permits to import, use and operate equipment, in addition to the justifications of the Ministry of Communications and the Egyptian Parliament for approving the amendment of the law and finally, comments on those justifications.

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The Digital Services Act: Obligations and Impacts on Online Service Providers

April 10, 2023

This paper seeks to provide a comprehensive introduction as possible to the Digital Service Act, its road through a process that took 3.5 years till it finally got officially into force on November 16, 2022, its objectives, most important rules, obligations it sets for service providers, new mechanisms and bodies created for its implementation, and the new realities it is expected to create and their impacts on people living outside the EU.

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