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Progressive Communications as a Tool for Advancing Gender Equality

May 27, 2024

This paper seeks to provide an overview of the intersection between progressive communications and gender. It discusses the role that progressive communications can play in supporting efforts to achieve gender equality, including the opportunities available and the means to support them.

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The Role of the ICT Sector in Empowering Egyptian Women

April 22, 2024

This paper explores Egypt’s ICT sector’s potential to economically empower Egyptian women. It focuses on how the sector can create more employment opportunities for women. Additionally, the paper discusses the potential of the ICT sector to socially empower women, which can further contribute to narrowing the gender gap.

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Privacy-First Marketing: Principles, Applications, and Challenges

April 15, 2024

This paper delves into the privacy-marketing approach. It examines the evolution of data protection laws and regulations and the rise of PFM as a response to change. This is followed by an analysis of the importance of PFM and its principles, with a particular focus on data minimization, purpose limitation, consent, and transparency.

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Regulating AI: Approaches to Ensuring Safe Use of the Technology

April 1, 2024

This paper seeks to provide a simplified picture of the complex scene of the efforts to regulate AI technology and industry. It poses the question of whether regulating AI is a necessity and asks questions about who should be responsible for setting the regulatory frameworks for AI and what aspects such regulatory frameworks should address. The paper also discusses the potential effects of regulating AI on human rights.

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The Impact of Online Surveillance on Press Freedom

March 25, 2024

This paper seeks to shed light on the impact of online surveillance on press freedom. The paper discusses the challenges that online surveillance poses to investigative journalism and freedom of information. The paper also addresses the impact of online surveillance on journalists and the challenges they face in the digital age.

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Data Protection Center: Masaar’s Proposal on the Executive Regulations for the Data Protection Law

March 18, 2024

This paper seeks to present a practical proposal for the formation of the Personal Data Protection Center, which would be the responsible body for implementing the Personal Data Protection Law. The paper proposes standard frameworks for the rules that should be followed. It also points out the concerns that should be considered to ensure proper implementation of the law.

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Social Media Platforms in the Age of the Fediverse

March 6, 2024

This paper seeks to provide a definition of the Fediverse, its core idea, and its technological foundation. The paper also discusses the philosophy on which the Fediverse is based and its objectives. Additionally, the paper provides a brief historical background of Fediverse and its most important applications.

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Freedom of Expression and Gender in the Egyptian Cyberspace

February 19, 2024

This paper seeks to address the most influential factors in women’s right to exercise their freedom of expression in Egyptian cyberspace. The paper uses an approach that hypothesizes that the most influential factor in creating an oppressive climate for women to exercise their right to freedom of expression is the prevalence of hate speech and misogynistic rhetoric that is decisively dismissive of the principle of gender equality.

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Beyond Infrastructure: Egypt’s Approaches to Internet Governance

February 5, 2024

This paper aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the Egyptian state’s approach to Internet Governance over the past three decades, spanning from the latter half of the 1990s to the present. Throughout this period, the Internet has undergone significant transformations, becoming an integral part of daily life for people worldwide. Concurrently, Egyptian society and its state have also experienced notable changes.

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Bridging the Gender Gap in Education through Digital Technologies

January 29, 2024

This paper aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the role digital technologies play in bridging the gender gap in education. It begins by analyzing the limitations of conventional methods in addressing this issue. Subsequently, it explores how digital technologies empower girls and women to exercise their right to education.

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The Intersection of Cybersecurity and Digital Rights

January 22, 2024

This paper seeks to explore the different characteristics of the intersection of cybersecurity and digital rights in Egypt. It starts with an explanation of how cybersecurity intersects with digital rights and introduces the right to cybersecurity. The paper proceeds to discuss the main features of cybersecurity in Egypt through the cyberthreats faced by it, as well as the legislative and institutional frameworks for dealing with these threats, and the political exploitation of cybersecurity in Egypt.

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Tools and Applications for Digital Security and Privacy Protection

December 18, 2023

This webpage aims to provide a comprehensive set of tools for privacy protection and digital security. The tools include a wide range of applications necessary for maintaining digital security and privacy. These tools include Virtual Private Networks (VPN), data encryption, antivirus, password manager, file sharing, secure email, browser plugins, two-step […]

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Progressive Communications: The Values, Principles, and Impact

December 4, 2023

This paper seeks to provide a clear definition of progressive communications, clarifying the most important progressive values and principles and how progressive communications reflect and help work to reach them. The paper also shows the most important aspects of the impact of modern advancements in progressive communications on social movements, governments, and businesses, which provide examples of what progressive communications can accomplish.

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