Blocking Al-Manassa news website

On 16 June 2017, the independent news website Al-Manassa was blocked in Egypt. The website published the news: “Al-Manassa was blocked today morning inside Egypt, to be added to a list of more than 70 blocked websites in Egypt. Al-Manassa’s teamwork will continue their work challenging the blocking and will take all possible measures to keep providing their services”. The website used an alternative link to publish its content. This succeeded for nearly a year, then the website was blocked again on 29 March 2018. Al-Manassa explained this by saying it happened: “after our extended coverage of the presidential election, in which we documented a number of violations that included voter bribes and mobilization and forcing civil servants to cast their votes”. Then, on 9 April 2020, a new alternative link of Al-Manassa was blocked. The website published a statement on Facebook entitled “Why was it impossible to reach Al-Manassa website in the past days?”. It said: “the website and all of its alternative links were completely blocked”. It added: “Our journey with the blocking started three years ago since the first wave of the blocking in May and June 2017. This was followed by a number of blocking for different domains we used to provide our services to the reader. Al-Manassa vows to continue offering the reader balanced and professional journalism. We will knock all technical and legal doors to achieve this”.