Updates to the ICT Laws Aggregator


ICT Laws Aggregator Updated with New Laws and Rulings

Masaar announces the launch of an update to the ICT Laws Aggregator. New laws, executive regulations, and rulings from the Economic Court have been added to the Aggregator, bringing the total number of available laws to 17 and rulings to 52, classified into 5 main categories and over 80 subcategories.

The ICT Laws Aggregator is a tool -available in Arabic only- that contains laws, regulations, and rulings related to the ICT sector and digital rights in Egypt. It is classified into various categories to suit the needs of different groups, such as crimes, issues, targeted groups, procedures, entities, and finally, the laws. This makes it easy to find the information you need, regardless of your background or expertise, whether you are an IT company, journalist, website editor, server administrator, or page manager.

The laws, regulations, and rulings that have been added to the Aggregator cover a wide range of topics, including encryption/cryptography, privacy, internet censorship, personal blogs and accounts, intellectual property, surveillance, newspaper and media websites, and freedom of information.

In addition, the Aggregator has been updated with 52 judicial rulings from the Economic Court. These rulings represent the most prominent judicial applications of some crimes and indicate the direction of competent courts. The judicial rulings in the Aggregator are classified according to the judicial applications that they contain.

These updates make the Aggregator a more comprehensive tool for anyone who needs to stay up-to-date on the latest developments related to the legislative environment in the field of communications and information technology.

How to use the ICT Laws Aggregator

Users can use the Aggregator by going to Masaar’s website and selecting the categories related to the search they want to do. Users can search by choosing from crimes, issues, targeted groups, procedures, entities, and laws. The results will contain the full text of all the legal articles related to the search. The Aggregator can also be used to access the full text of the laws and judicial rulings.

The new laws added the Aggregator

  1. The Law Regulating Road Transport Services Using Information Technology in Egypt
  2. The Law Regulating and Developing the Use of Financial Technology in Non-Banking Financial Activities (Fintech)
  3. The Central Bank and the Banking Sector Law
  4. The Executive Regulation of the Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes Law
  5. The Executive Regulation of the Press and Media Regulation Law
  6. Media Outlets Licenses Regulation
  7. Regulatory Decree of The Law Regulating Road Transport Services Using Information Technology in Egypt