Masaar launches the ICT Laws Aggregator


Masaar – Technology and Law Community announces the launch of the ICT Laws Aggregator; a tool that contains laws related to digital rights in Egypt. The ICT Law Aggregator includes 10 laws, in addition to articles of the Egyptian Constitution issued in 2014. The ICT Laws Aggregator can be searched through many different classifications and will be updated in the future with new laws.

The legislative environment is full of new laws that target broad groups while suffering from the multiplicity and duplication of some legislative texts, thus comes the ICT Laws Aggregator to help lawyers and the groups targeted by the laws to easily access the texts and articles related to their work. The ICT Laws Aggregator is divided into many categories to suit all groups according to their needs, and the categories are: crimes, issues, targeted groups, procedures, entities, and finally the laws, and one or several categories can be chosen to obtain related results.

The ICT Laws Aggregator aims to facilitate access to the texts and articles of laws related to the ICT sector for different groups such as IT companies, journalists, website editors, parody or fake websites and accounts, server administrators, page managers in addition to other categories. The ICT Laws Aggregator also covers many issues of interest to different groups such as encryption/cryptography, privacy, Internet censorship, personal blogs and accounts, intellectual property, surveillance, newspaper and media websites, and freedom of information.

The ICT Laws Aggregator contains the following laws:

  • The Egyptian Telecommunications Law
  • The Emergency Law
  • The Penal Code
  • The Law Regulating the Use Circulation, and Trade in Motorized or Wirelessly Powered or Remotely Operated Aircraft
  • The Law Regulating the Right to Peaceful Public Meetings, Processions and Protests
  • The Law Regulating the Press, Media, and the Supreme Council for Media Regulation
  • The Personal Data Protection Law.
  • The Law on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
  • The Anti-Terrorism Law
  • The Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes Law