Tech and Equality

5G Networks and Possible Impacts on Human Rights

February 28, 2022

On this page: What are the 5G networks, and what are the possibilities and opportunities it provides? What is the difference between the 5G networks and the 4G networks? What are the problems and negative effects of 5G networks? What are the direct positive and negative effects of the 5G networks on human rights in […]

Obstacles Facing Women in Technology and Initiatives towards a Feminist Internet

December 13, 2021

  On this page: What is a feminist internet? Why do we need a feminist internet? Obstacles women face while using technology or when participating in cyberspace Statistics on the gender gap in cyberspace Principles of the feminist internet Initiatives to create a feminist internet   Social issues are reflected into cyberspace, and their impact […]

How Can AI Applications Be Biased

September 19, 2021

  In this Page: How AI works? How AI can be biased? Amazon employees recruitment crisis Assessment of criminal dangers Artificial intelligence (AI), contributes to such a huge evolution in all fields. However, one of the most important problems arising in the last few years was the discrimination practiced by some of the AI applications […]

Episode (7): How Does COVID Passport Affect Rights and Freedoms?|Arabic Audio

September 12, 2021

In this episode of CONNECT podcast, you will listen to the impact of (COVID Passport) on rights and freedoms, and how the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, such as the right to privacy and protection of personal data, and freedom of movement, could be affected as one of the most important negative effects of […]

Episode (6): Racist Data.. How Artificial Intelligence Programs Can be Biased? |Arabic Audio

August 2, 2021

An episode on the dangers of relying on artificial intelligence software in making important decisions that affect individuals and societies. The episode presents two examples; Amazon Employment App and Criminal Record Database in America.